Thu, Aug 9 2007 - Ptarmigan and Black Prince Cirques (Slowpokes & Dawdlers & Photographers) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Ann N
Participants:Karen D, Iren, Ann N, Anthony Brook, Dana K, Charlie

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Write Up:
For all you naysayers and non-believers, today turned out to be a magnificent day for the set of hikes that we had planned ! I have never been disappointed with a rainy drive out to the trailhead because every time, once there, the skies open up, and today brought the same joy !!!

We arrived at the trailhead for Ptarmigan Cirque first. As we approached the trailhead, a yellow sign "bear in the area" greeted us. We started out with a slow switchback ascent (felt like a few 100s of meters) and thanx to Anthony who had a GPS on his watch, we ascended about 100 meters (to me, felt at least doubled !). The trail opened up to this eye-catching meadow with jarring rock formations beating down on us !!! Lots of scree, then straight up rockwalls !!! Saw some small running creeks or falls throughout the meadow. We walked up to the top part of the meadow, then 4 of our hikers walked up to the ridge for a view of the other side. Ann & Anthony were teaching us about the different trees, Charlie found some corral in a rock - and a tripod moment was also found in this meadow !!!

We then drove out to Black Prince Cirque, and this is where we saw the big moose walking across the road in the parking lot - what a sight to see, the biggest one I've seen so far ! There were picnic tables there, and we had our lunch. A male & female washrooms were at the trailhead, and I couldn't resist to see what actual difference could there be in this setting !!! Well, only one difference - the women's had a yellow toilet seat cover, and the men's had a white one - go figure !!!

Once on the trail, we hiked up and saw lots of different ecological "stuff" !! We even saw a whole creek covered with moss (see pics) - quite a sight to see I must say :). Once we got to Warspite Lake, we could see Mount Black Prince, and it still had some snow on it !! We stayed there taking some pictures and this is when the rain started slowly. It gave us a chance to dig out the cobwebs and dust out of our waterproof gear. We walked back and the rain came down gently, no wind, just refreshing as we all were dressed properly ! It rained for only a kilometer, and loll and behold the sun came out !!!! A nice slow walk back to the car and our day was over - so fast did this day go by without even knowing it !!!

We were only 6, and I must say what a great fit. Throughout both hikes, we all mingled amongst, often two by two, and ended up with great conversations and great learning today. Anthony, thank you for your interpretive dialogue along the way ! As the French say "We will all go to bed less stupid tonight" !!! Doesn't translate well, but does make the point !

Thank you everyone for the early carpool departure, and I had a splendid day and hope you did too !!

Encounters on the trail: Birds, deer, lots of wildflowers , a Wilson sock (tennis anyone ?!!), corral, Dad & child, cyclists in parking lot, mountain sheep, a big moose, snow from a distance, lake, Mom & 2 kids, bear fur (!), rain (only 1 km), sun (lots of it), clouds (partly), buffalo berries, merlot grapes (so I say !), cabernet sauvignon grapes (so I say !), and a coyote on the way home.

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.