Sun, Jul 22 2007 - Jumpingpound Summit / Ridge (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Catherine M
Participants:Shaun T, Elizabeth W, Charlie P, Robert-Jan W, Tim T, Yuan J, Christine N, Catherine M, Aliaa Y, Anne R, Ian E

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Write Up:
A very energetic group made it up to Jumpingpound Summit in about an hour and a quarter. The pace provided a good workout, with breaks for water and catching one’s breath. We had a super group for sticking together, waiting as needed, and socializing. Although it was warm on the climb up, there was a fairly strong breeze at the summit which was invigorating. Although earlier than anticipated, we dined at the top looking out towards Moose Mountain, Nihahi Ridge, and several other impressive ranges. Generally the group agreed that the view was well worth the climb. We traversed the Ridge to the west/north, and then tried the other ridge to the east / south – this second trail is dull and can be skipped. We covered about 12 kms, a 400 plus metre gain, and lunch in four hours. We were back at the carpool spot just after 3 pm. A special thanks to Lizz and Ian who were willing to take their cars down the rough Powderface Trail, and to all those who took pictures and promised to post them.