Sun, Sep 9 2007 - Mountain Biking Shuttle - Little Elbow to Bluerock (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Roy Scarisbrick
Participants:Roy Scarisbrick, John B, Richard B, Donovan, Kayla B, Mike S., Pat Mc, Murray F, Laurie C, Julian G, Ammon, Marty S, Inge

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Write Up:
The day went fine. The part of the ride from Little Elbow Campground to Tombstone had an inch or two of snow. From Tombstone to the Rickerts turn off was nice - the river crossings were low and not too cold. From the Rickerts turnoff to Bluerock was really sloppy - a lot of mud and huge, deep water pools. We hung out at Bluerock for an hour for snacks.