Sun, Sep 30 2007 - Eiffel Lake-Slow to Moderate Pace (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Judy T
Participants:Judy T, Lisa S, Erika A, Martha S, Kaori K, Lisa L, Christine W, Susan K, Rita N, Pam P, Joe N, Mark J, Elena V

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Write Up:
The trip got off to an interesting start: the trail began with a steep section and with the previous day's snow and all the foot traffic to Eiffel Lake and Larch Valley in the morning, we had quite a good and challenging workout climbing to the T-junction. Once there, we had a bit of a rest and continued on our way to Eiffel Lake. There were some more slippery sections on that part of the trail and those with cleats found them very helpful. Although we kept seeing blue patches of sky, the clouds remained in place for most of the day. Fortunately, the visibility was good and we had some excellent views of both Moraine and Eiffel Lakes, as well as the famous Ten Peaks. After our lunch above Eiffel Lake, we returned the way we had come. We were lucky that the temperature had warmed up a bit so the hike back down was not as tricky as the climb up. The day was capped off for most of us with some socializing and lots of food at Kilkenny's. Thank you to all for your patience and understanding on my first coordinated hike. JT