Sun, Oct 14 2007 - Deer Ridge Trail - Slowpokes, Dawdlers & Photographers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Ed K, Karen D
Participants:Wendy K, Georgette S, lulin l, Rita N, Elizabeth H, monica l, Ed K, Gerardo Enrique Marquez, Sara A, Karen D

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Write Up:
Summer decided to stay for a bit longer this year !!! We started our hike all layered up - ready for all weather conditions, and were greeted with warmth & rays of sunshine !

Along the trail, another club caught up to us. It must have been some type of dog club because the majority of the hikers were accompanied by dogs. We let them pass us as we were going at a much slower pace. Once we reached the ridge, we were rewarded with lovely views of Sibbald flats and Bateman creek. We had a leisurely lunch and it was just like a warm summer day. Wendy & Ed both brought their handheld GPS’s to seek and find the “geocache” at our lunch spot. Wendy found the geocache, and Wendy & Ed introduced us to Geocache 101 !!!! From the website, to who hides them, what’s in them, and the etiquette when you find them…. All very fun and I am now looking into buying a handheld GPS to play too !!!

We continued thru our loop after lunch, and were back at the trailhead at 2:00p.m. Great short hike and a gorgeous day on top of it !!!

Encounters on the trail: Birds, hikers and their pets, Geocache, lots of sunshine, smiles & laughter !!

Thank you for joining me on my hike, and snowshoeing is just around the corner !!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.