Sat, Nov 17 2007 - Jumpingpound Summit / Ridge (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Catherine Mac
Participants:Ken F, Judy T, Jana N, PeakFreak, Len M., Paul A, Jim Killen, Catherine Mac

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Write Up:
It was a glorious day. The road was in reasonable condition; and the trail was snow covered all the way. With the exception of the very top of the trail to the ridge, it was reasonable hiking conditions. We started off around 11 am and were at the intersection of the east trail around 12:15 pm. As there had not been any tracks on the trail to this point, it was surprising to see them on the next portion of the trail - upon closer inspection, it was clear that they were bear tracks - likely grizzly -and very large. Fortunately, the tracks were crusty so they were probably made at least one day earlier. We began to make a bit more noise, and proceeded to the summit. We ate lunch fairly quickly, explored the summit then headed along the ridge. We had spectacular views all the way along - even though there were some clouds. There was no wind on the ridge, so the walk was very pleasant. We returned to the cars just after 3 pm, and were back in Calgary by 4:30 pm. We covered close to 10 km, with a height gain of 415 metres.