Sun, Jan 13 2008 - No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky, Martine
Participants:Wilf Z, Scott Parker, Anna-Lisa, Blake H., Martine, Jason Sokolosky, Beth, Karen S, Sue, Marko Stavric, Michale L, Les S, T.J. Bahcheli, Darlene N, Kathy C, Britta, Craig marshall, PKearns, Roy Prins, Mike Fisher, Ryan E, Doug James, Anne R.

Write Up:
The night was fun, but a little long, and went till almost 10:00 pm. We had the biggest turnout yet - 23 people. We divided into 3 tables.
Those that were "in the money":
8th: $20 - Michale
7th: $20 - Britta
6th: $40 - Ryan
5th: $50 - Anna-Lisa
4th: $60 - Craig
3rd: $70 - T.J.
2nd: $90 - Les
1st: $110 - Mike

There was also a second table of 5 for the "non-winners" with a $10 buy-in. Marko, Blake, Martine, Jason, and Wilf played at that table. Wilf came in 2nd - for $20, and Marko came in 1st with $30.

Thanks to Ryan for bringing the table top, and to Beth for helping setup before the game.

Thanks all for coming out!