Sun, Mar 16 2008 - No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky, Martine
Participants:Pam H, Martine, Jason Sokolosky, Kevin W, Beth, Anna-Lisa, Blake H., Mike Fisher, Craig marshall, Elias P, M B, Michael Stefanyshyn, Britta, Karen S, Roy Prins, Peter Vu, Les S, Sue, Kerry V, Marko Stavric, Nicole Sawchuk, Trish Whimster, Jon H, Ari, Craig Yorke, Wilf Z

Write Up:
Our largest group yet, with 26 people! We had 3 tables going again. Almost everyone got there on time, and the evening ended at about 9:00 when Peter (the chip lead) offered to split the pot with Trish.

Those that were "in the money":
9th $20 Eli
8th $20 Kerry
7th $30 Ari
6th $40 Blake
5th $50 Martine
4th $60 Nicole
3rd $90 Jason
1st & 2nd $105 Peter & Trish

A second game wasn't started.

Thanks to Beth & Martine for helping setup before the game.

Thanks all for coming out!