Sun, Mar 23 2008 - Mountain Biking - Nose Hill (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky, Martine
Participants:Karen S, Sandy K, Elissa (Smoo), Jim F, Frank V, Mike S., Kayla B, Richard B, Martine, PKearns, Andrea, Craig marshall, Jonathan, Gord P, Peter Vu, John B, Glen K, Michelle P, Kevin W, Jason Sokolosky, Beth, JennM, Daryl B.

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Write Up:
It was a nice day but started off a little bit cold. We quickly divided into 2 groups and hit the trails. The slower group headed towards John Laurier and Brisebois intersection, then to the 64th and 14st St parking lot, and finally to the very North West section of the park. The trail conditions were excellent with hardly any snow or ice.

Both groups rode with each other well.

Just as we ended the ride the sun came out, and Jason and Karen shared cookies and cake they had from the night before!