Sun, Mar 30 2008 - Chester Lake - Slowpokes & Dawdlers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Laura L
Participants:Len M., Karen D, Laura L, Jane, Perry, Judy T, Sibel (Mushroom), Jeff , Marty Lindenuav, PeakFreak, Amy, Przemek Heske

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Write Up:
Announcement to all COC members living in Calgary – It is still Christmas in Kananaskis Country !!!! Weather wise: Cloud mixed with blue sky mixed with light flurries here and there, with temperatures skirting around zero, all make a perfect recipe for playing in the deep snow !!!

We started all together uphill on the trail. Many conversations were taking place, people laughing, and stopping lots to take picture. At one point, we encountered a 5-foot drop in which Sibel “hucked” the cliff and frolicked in the snow knees & head first !!! The rest of us followed suit, and navigated accordingly !! The scenery was spectacular when we came upon the meadow covered with snow. The sun came out from around the clouds begging us to take pictures of the mountains. Mount Chester looked awesome in all its might !!!

We continued and stayed to the left side of the lake (non-avalanche territory). Then our group split into two. One group tackled the harder way to the Elephant Rocks, while the other went the easier way uphill (not hard to guess which group I was in !!) We had a relatively quick lunch, due to getting chilled when stopping, and headed back down the trail.

I hope everyone had a great time like I did, and such a great group with lots of stops so that I could catch up !!!

Encounters on the trail: Birds, pillow tops (snow tops on trees or rocks that look like pillows!) British Army “BATUS” (they were avalanche training), other snowshoers & backcountry skiers, and scenery fit for a photographer’s dream !!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.

Post-Script: Just saw the news, and it's Christmas in Calgary too :)