Tue, Jul 1 2008 - Jumpingpound Summit / Ridge - CHANGED TO IRON SPRINGS (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Catherine M
Participants:Pam M, Rose J, Chris B, Mary M, Heather C, Stacey M, Lauren K, chantal s, John J, Catherine M, Terry C, Gaby T

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Write Up:
Wonderful people make any day terrific - and it was so great that 11 of the best showed up for the trip today. As it turned out, due to the heavy rains yesterday, the Powderface Trail road was in poor condition, so we opted instead for the Iron Springs / Elbow trail. Although it was apparently dry yesterday, it was anything but today. Muddy boots and pants were the end result of three hours hiking along these two trails. We got a fairly good workout, as the mosquitoes kept the group moving at a good, steady pace. We probably covered close to 11 kms in the three hours, with a 200 metre or so elevation gain. We returned to Bragg Creek, and again the choice of venue may not have been the best. A true dark pub where we tried a little Canadian quiz, and were rather embarrassed when our companion from England was answering more questions more readily that the rest. Perhaps it is just the Canadian polite manner where we allowed him to jump in with his responses. Anyway, the socializing was fun, and we were back in the city before 4 pm. I will let those who ventured out today know when I reschedule this hike as it is one of my favourites. Thanks to all of you for coming out, and Happy Canada Day.