Sun, Jun 15 2008 - No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Beth, Jason Sokolosky
Participants:Blake H., Sheila, Craig Yorke, Marsh, SeanMac, Andrew, Arian G, Phil (Outdoor Phil), Ari, Anne R., Anna-Lisa, Beth, Jason Sokolosky, maboute, natalie, Carolyn, Roy Prins, EdR, Marko Stavric, Les S, Tom

Write Up:
We started the game at 6:00 pm to accomodate the summer outdoor season. Because we started later, we changed blinds every 20 minutes to speed up the game. In total there was 21 people divided between 3 tables. A couple of people were late, but we worked them into the game. A cash game was started when a few people were out. The main game ended just after 10:00 pm when Beth took Jason out!

It was a good evening.

Those that were "in the money":
1st $100 Beth
2nd $90 Jason
3rd $80 Ari
4th $60 Andrew
5th $40 Les
6th & 7th $25 Marko & Craig

Thanks to Beth for helping setup.

Thanks all for coming out!