Mon, Jul 7 2008 - 12 Mile Coulee - VERY EARLY MORNING Urban HIke (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Catherine Mac
Participants:Andrea, Andrea, Lynn R, Catherine Mac

Write Up:
A terrific way to start the week. Four of us met in Tuscany and hiked the Twelve Mile Coulee trail. Although there were some muddy patches, the trail tended to be in very good condition. The creek crossings were fine - although we all did end up with muddy shoes. A coyote at the beginning of the trail really checked us out thoroughly; he kept us in sight for several minutes, and was fairly close to our trail. We also saw an extremely small weasel type animal - slightly red, with a white spot on his tail - if it hadn't been so small, we might have wondered if it was a fox. Also saw lots of wildflowers along the trail - prairie roses, western wood lilies, and lots of others that we could not name. Thanks to all who came out.