Sat, Nov 13 2004 - Gorilla Theatre at Loose Moose Theatre (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Wendy Wong
Participants:Tuatara, Connie Ho, Jennifer Houghton, Brat, karen hartley, Wendy Wong, Shirley P., Rozalyn, meran, John Sym, JayJay, Jenni, Mark Gray

Write Up:
I was surprised to learn that several members had not seen improv theatre before BUT they took a risk and joined me anyways! (Connie even arrived an hour early!) Luckily for me, these "newbies" enjoyed themselves (so I escaped being beaten by foam sticks). Our group was also quite helpful in providing the performers with suggestions (though they were more reluctant about going up on stage).

While we didn't have the nudity I warned people about, the show did have sex (simulated), drugs (as suggested by Karen), violence (ninja-style), rock 'n' roll (played live), and a sprinkling of profanity. There was even some opera thrown in!

So we laughed and burned off some calories. By the end of the night, we learned that: you can get a PhD in wool; it is best not to piss off the "odd" lighthouse keeper; it is hard to play evil Japanese music on a piano; and even the manliest man in small town Alberta can't resist the seductive power of a sophisticated hairdresser with an accent.

- Wendy