Sat, Jul 26 2008 - Burstall Pass (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Barbara G, Judy T
Participants:Peteris S, Martha D, Barbara G, Judy T, Karin H, Hannah M, Jose V, Rita N, Iveta H, Nicole K, naima j

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Write Up:
It started out as a really nice day and actually ended up as one. Unfortunately, we got rained on rather heavily in the middle. Nevertheless, the hike was very enjoyable. We started out on a fairly level track and soon reached the area of many stream crossings. Some of us donned our sandals and others relied on their waterproof boots - successfully, I think. Either way, we had no problem keeping to the trail and soon started climbing through the trees and onto the ridge where we stopped for lunch with great views in front of us and mosquitos all around us. We reached the pass in good time and decided to keep on for a bit, stopping just short of Lemon Lake with the majestic peak of Mount Assiniboine in front of us. With clouds rolling in, we decided to head back and soon had to grab our waterproofs as a short but intense burst of rain descended on us. At least it gave us a brief respite from the mosquitos. A quick descent with one short stop to identify valerian (the plant), another round of wading or jumping over much larger streams than in the morning and we soon were back on the home stretch. Thank you everyone for a great day!