Tue, Nov 9 2004 - Dinner - Sobaten (Japanese Noodle House) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Wendy Wong
Participants:Merv A., Holly P, Jennifer D, Wendy Wong, John Sym, ZW, elizabeth girling, Rick McClean, Richard VK

Write Up:
While ten of us showed up, only nine of us stayed to sample the menu. (That is, Lorenna graciously dropped by to meet us and to inform us that she could not stay.) Many had interesting travel and sport tales to share BEFORE the food arrived and AFTER their food was finished but it was amazingly quiet while we ate. (We were either really hungry or really polite about not talking with our mouths full.) Later, thankfully after dinner, there was some talk about whether fish (and starfish) could actually feel pain.

The photos in the menu helped reassure diners that names like agetama (a deep fried water & flour mixture), mochi (sticky rice cake), sansai (mountain vegetables), oroshi (grated radish), kama (fish cake), uzura egg (quail egg), hokki (shellfish), tako (octopus), ebi (shrimp), hotate (scallop), kurage (jellyfish) were edible fare. We all finished the event being able to confidently identify and specify whether we liked soba or udon noodles.

- Wendy