Sun, Aug 10 2008 - Rummel Lake - Slowpokes, Dawdlers & Photographers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Sibel (Mushroom)
Participants:Connie R, Andy Y, Jose, Veronika, Scott Parker, Cynthia Parker, Sibel (Mushroom), Jeff , Karen D, Rose J, Marcella

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Write Up:

What a nice hike we had today !!! The drive was good too - usually at this time of year, the Spray Lakes Road is full of potholes, yet it was in very good shape from start to finish - Marcella & I came from Canmore, while the carpool from Calgary came via Kananaskis Lakes Trail.

Once at the trailhead, we all geared up and started right on time !!! It took us only 2 ½ hours to get to Rummel Lake. José & I were the only ones to have been on this trail, however, we snowshoed last winter – this was the first time either of has hiked it. I must say that the landscape had more trees than I remembered - and that makes sense as in the wintertime, I would say more than half were fully covered by snow ! We approached the lake to left instead of going thru the avalanche path (which of course is non-consequential at this time of year !) From the path, once close, the lake came into full view with the headwall of Mt Galatea (according to Gemtrak map) – Sibel gasped when she saw Rummel Lake – you really don’t expect it when you actually come upon it !!! And best of all, we were the first ones there and had the place all to ourselves :)

We really thought we would have a nice, lingering, relaxing lunch – however, within 10 mins, it started getting very cold with a light rain, then some light hail !!!! After another 10-15mins, we were all done, cold, and ready to go. By this time, two other groups of hikers had arrived, and dogs were aplenty ! On our way back, we took the avalanche path route. We saw so many wildflowers (forget-me-nots, paintbrushes, etc.), splendid colours. We also had to do a little bit of scrambling – I would say 10 feet – welcome newcomers !!!! The rain teased us a bit, by stopping & starting, then it started again, and this time, it didn’t let up – just a regular steady stream of rain ! We all had our raingear and we got good use out of it. We were glad we started early in the morning, because once this rain began, the trail would have been a lot muddier & slippery had we been later to return. We literarily were walking thru a “rain forest” – okay, sounded funnier in my head :)

Once back at the cars, the carpoolers decided to head to Canmore for their return to the Calgary as the Spray Lakes Road was in good condition. We all stopped off at the Drake for a beer and munchies.

Welcome Connie & Andrew to the club !!!! Thank you everyone for the early carpool departure. I had a great time today, and I hope you all did too !!!

Encounters on the trail: Birds, Mom & baby grouse (?? - See photo), sunshine, rain, other hikers & dogs, great conversations, and lots of smiles!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.