Fri, Oct 31 2008 - Halloween Party!!!! Changed to PAID ($5.00) event. (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Beth, Britta, Jason Sokolosky, Christine L.
Participants:Jason Sokolosky, Pat Mc, Kevin Starozik, Karen, Daryl, Gord C, Diana, JR Mathieu, Ben Wards, Michael M, Paul Vargis, Marlene, Shawna Olson, Jo Ann H, Michelle S., Shannon, Sarah Hill, Dragonfly, Barbara, Richard B, Ann, Aga, Renée, KarenInCanmore, Heather Anderson, Catherine, Ian Gammack, bev, Paul G, Christine Zee, Karin, francie, Ivan, Marek R, Laura L, Blanka, Steph R, Louise P, Bryan D, Ben Cheong, Cecilia, TammyA, paige, Rene' , Kathy W, Mike Schmidt, Kelly S, Leslie P, Dave B, Rhonda O, Jim K, Christine L., Colleen G, Brian C., April A, Linda Z, Gregory MacIvor, Jose, Phil (Last Minute Safari Phil), Kathy C, - - - -Ryan--Copeland- - - -:), Jaclyn, Carolyn, Gabe, Jake Y, Sonia T, Kevin W, Elissa (Smoo), Blake H., Parry Loeffler, Jim D, Robin, Fang R, Gaylene, John B, Lana A, Mark P, Andrea, Graeme Sams, Martine, Wendy H, Gay R, Denise, Lori D, Dennis E, Pam, Marc Rachiele, Rick M, Robin R, Andrew S, Karen S, Anthony L, Karen R, Ken F, Steve O, Tsering D, Diane I, Phil (Outdoor Phil), Mohsen, Jayne, Beth, Britta, Michael Stefanyshyn, Doublefault Phil, Butterfly, Carolyn T, Cheryl, Erik M, Leanne, Diana Z, Christina G, Jacques, Laurie C, Peter N, Earl Teigrob, Janet, John C., Allen, Wayne H, Brian Throop, Wendy, Grace, Harry d, Paula D, Annette, Ken, Kerry V, Shanley, Estela, Monica, gaboana, jane mitchell, EdR, Dave K, Tim T, Kimberly Getty, Sofia, chris, cam, Bac Quan, leslie, Paul, Michelle, Gorka, Marty S, Emerson, Alex S, Karen, Barry McConnell, Katrine, Gwen Cham, Liliana, Alex, Alicia, Carlos

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Write Up:
The party was a great success with over 150 people attending!

The Parkdale Community Hall was a perfect place for this venue, and nicely accomodated our group. There was a cash bar with both beer and coolers served. People came early to decorate, and the last 20 people were voluntold to cleanup.

No one entered the pumpkin carving contest.

The people that won the costume contest are:
Sexiest Costume: Wendy
Most original: Diana Zasadny
Best costume: Ian G.
Scariest Costume: Mohsen
Best Disguise: Blake H.
Honourable Mention: Marc R.

Next year we will try to improve the sound system.

The organizing committe would like to thank everyone those who helped decorate, those that helped clean up and especially those who helped with both.

See you all next year!