Sun, Feb 1 2009 - No-Limit Texas Hold'em Poker (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Beth, Britta K, Jason Sokolosky
Participants:mathieu b, Mark P, Marko S, Les S, Ed R, Peter V, Natalie, Beth, Britta K, Jason Sokolosky, John H, TC H, Anne R, Roy Prins, Bruno D, Michale L, Carolyn, Blake H, Ivor G, Mario F, Mandy D

Write Up:
We started the game on time, and only 1 person was late. We continued with our new rule that the first person to have an unsuccessful all-in received their money back. We also kept the more aggressive blind schedule which started at 5/10. The blinds changed every 20 minutes with a break after the first 1st hour of play. In total there were 21 people divided between 2 tables. The main game ended around 9:30 pm when Marko took out Ivor.

It was a good evening.

Those that were "in the money":
1st $100 Marko
2nd $90 Ivor
3rd $80 Anne
4th $60 Peter
5th $40 Jason
6th $30 Beth
1st unsuccessful all-in $20 Michale

Thanks to Britta & Beth for helping to setup and organize the game, and thanks for everyone for helping me clean up.

Thanks all for coming out!