Sun, May 10 2009 - Road Ride : Route 66 - SLOWER and FASTER Pace (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky, Rhonda S
Participants:Brent Stephens (Polé Polé), Rhonda S, Jeff B, Mike S., Amanda, John B, Kim, Ryan T, Mark Kudryk, Darren H, Orlando, Phyllis, Jim K, Phil (Last Minute Safari Phil), Megan, Dave V, Sandra V, Drew A, Kisa G, Elissa (Smoo), Lana, Jason Sokolosky

Write Up:
I must admit I was completely remiss today with photo taking - I didn't take a SINGLE ONE!!! I guess I was too focused on my training, and living through the challenge of my hardest ride to date. Ok, actually, that's no excuse because almost every ride I've done has been "my hardest ride to date" since I only started riding two months ago and that was for training to do the GT.

Well, the main thing I have to say about today is I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I hardly saw anyone for any length of time because I'm such a slow rider, but sometimes it pays to be the slow one since I hardly got rained (or sleeted) on at ALL today (unlike some of the speedier folk).

-- Rhonda