COC Event Risk Mitigation Committee Meeting - Mon, Jun 28 2021

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COC Event Risk Mitigation Committee Meeting (6/28/2021)

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The Basics:
Event Type:Meeting
Event Location:Google Meet link to be sent to attendees
Date(s) & Time:Mon, Jun 28 2021  6:30 PM
Registration Cut Off: Thu, Jun 24 2021 5:00:00 PM
Event Duration:~ 2 hours
Difficulty Rating:D1: Easy
Event Coordinator(s): Marcel B
Rhonda S
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PART 1 of COC Event Risk Mitigation strategy definition - drafting recommendations for the executive committee. The goal/deliverable for this exercise (parts 1 and 2) is to provide recommendations to the Executive Committee for creating a clear and defensible risk mitigation strategy for the COC for all event types that we offer.

Prior to the Workshop, do some pre-work by adding your perspective to t his document

Download the document, add your perspective, and e-mail it to RHONDA by end of day on June 27th (Sunday). She will compile all of the additions into one document for discussion at the Workshop. Let her know if you have any problems with the document.

At the Workshop, we will move fairly quickly through the following sections:

  1. What Is, and What Isn't, the COC?
  2. Existing Out-of-Scope Events
  3. Risk Mitigation In-Use

    And then proceed to the "meat and potatoes" of what we're here to talk about:

  4. Risk Mitigation Possibilities/Suggestions
  5. Event Risk Mitigation Classification

The document already has some suggested classifications on it, which includes:

  1. Existing mitigation level for each event type/difficulty; and/or:
  2. Rhonda's suggested mitigation level.

When you are doing your pre-work, please adjust those levels if you disagree with what is on the page. We will finalize the level for each event type/difficulty, focusing only on the ones where we disagree.

REMEMBER that for PART 1, we are not looking to define what the elevated mitigation looks like for each event/difficulty. We are only selecting which events/difficulties we recommend be subject to some kind of elevated mitigation (and what events, if any, are out- of-scope, beyond what is already on the out-of- scope list). Describing what we recommend for:

  1. Additional mitigation for "baseline"; AND
  2. Specific mitigation for each type/difficulty requiring "elevated mitigation"
will be the mission for PART 2.

Note that any COC VOLUNTEER or ACTIVE COC MEMBER can participate in this committee. If you're not signed up yet, but want to participate, please put your name on the waiting list. There are two levels of participation to choose from:

  1. Absent advisor: Do the independent pre-work only – no workshops;
  2. Active advisor: Do the independent pre-work and attend workshop(s).
When you put your name down on the waiting list, we'll assume that you want to be an "Active" advisor, unless you specify "Absent" advisor.

RESPECTFUL DISCUSSION ONLY. If we are unable to come to consensus on a specific point, we will use a vote to resolve. In the event that we have an even number of participants, and the vote is split, the SAFETY COMMITTEE LEAD (Marcel) will decide. Remember we are not deciding the policy itself, but rather, deciding on what goes into the recommendations for the executive committee.

Recommended Items to Bring:
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How to Get There:
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