New Volunteer Info

We're always looking for Club Volunteers!

A Club Volunteer is a member contributing their time and efforts to the operation of the club through various roles. Examples of such roles include being an Event Coordinator or taking on other administrative volunteer roles, such as Photo Historian, Content Editor, etc. Check out this link Volunteer Descriptions for more information on the various positions.

Volunteer positions do not get paid (that's why you're volunteering!), but the rewards for volunteering are many, including:

Qualifications and Requirements:

The "usual" path to becoming a club volunteer is to coordinate events. We are always in need of Event Coordinators. COC does not require specific training or qualifications to become an Event Coordinator, although we do expect our Event Coordinators to have good organizational, communication and leadership skills. First Aid training or knowledge is helpful, but not required.

Before volunteering for the Calgary Outdoor Club +More, we ask that you:
  1. Be a member in good standing. i.e. You are not suspended, have not had disciplinary warnings.
  2. Have attended at least five COC outdoor (or sport) events all within the last six months. (The more events you have attended, the better! This gives you a better idea of what you want to do as a Volunteer).
  3. Have zero "No-Shows" on your account (see our Cancellation Policy for more information).
  4. Provide a referral from one or more people currently on our Volunteer team (perhaps the coordinators of some events you've attended) who can vouch that they think you'll do a good job volunteering.
  5. Once we confirm that you will be a good fit to volunteer for the club, you're ready for the next step - see below.

Getting Started

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Julie, at, to get started. Once they've confirmed your qualifications and requirements, you will be assigned "Coordinator In Training" status.

When you are a "Coordinator In Training", you will be expected to successfully complete a minimum of three probationary events before you are given full volunteer access to the web site (ie. the ability to post your own events). For these events, the Volunteer Coordinator will assist you in setting up your event, and may pair you up with an experienced volunteer who can help out (depending on the nature/complexity of the event). Generally speaking, we will strive to have you co-coordinate one event each with both of your references, and coordinate your third training event independently.

We prefer that your probationary events be completed within a 3-month time period, so if that won't be possible, please discuss your circumstances with the Volunteer Coordinator.

New Volunteer FAQs

  1. How long does it take to be an Event Coordinator?
    It depends; some take a week, others three months or more. It's your time, so it's up to you on how fast you want to qualify. In the beginning, we will assist you to organize three outdoor events on a probationary basis so you become familiar with the rules and processes within the club and website. Once you've done your three events and we're happy with your performance, we'll give you a Star and you'll become a full fledged Event Coordinator (which allows you to organize whenever you want).

  2. What if I don't want to be an Event Coordinator, but am willing to help out in other Volunteer roles such as being a Photo Historian or a Social Media Manager?
    We'll have you understudy the current volunteers in the role you want and when they think you're ready to do the job by yourself, we'll give you your Star, but remember you won't be allowed to coordinate events until you've done the usual three probationary events, per above. While it is possible to take on a volunteer role without coordinating events, many positions, including President, are best performed by someone who has coordinated many an event with the club. If you want to take on a volunteer role without coordinating an event, please reach out to the President to discuss.

  3. Is there a minimum time requirement?
    For Event Coordinators, we ask that you organise at least one event every few months to maintain your Volunteer status. We understand that some folks only organise seasonal activities such as skiing or hiking (and then we wonder what they do the rest of the year).

  4. What is the Star?
    Volunteers get a little star next to their name on the club's website to acknowledge their volunteer status. When you "get your Star", you have the option to trade in the star icon for another icon of your choice (from our collection).

  5. Can I be rejected as a Volunteer?
    Yes, that is possible. This could be due to your references not checking out, having done insufficient outdoor events, or you have some negative past history with the club. As a Volunteer, you're also a Club Representative and therefore are expected to maintain the highest possible standards for the club.

  6. Can I lose my status as a Volunteer?
    Yes, if you haven't followed the rules and regulations, or if you haven't performed the duties of your position in a period of time.

  7. Ok, I'm ready to Volunteer, what's next?
    If you are ready to get going, e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator, Julie, at to get started.