You do not need to be a Calgary resident to join! We encourage anyone wishing to participate in regular outdoor activities in, around Calgary and the surrounding region to join. We only ask that you be 18 and over.

Regular Member
It doesn't cost anything to join the Calgary Outdoor Club as a Regular Member. To maintain your account all you need to do is attend at least one event yearly. We do ask for event fees and voluntary donations per event, which help us pay for things like web hosting, etc.

Premier Member
For those who wish to have a higher level of involvement with the COC. A Premier membership will provide the member with voting rights at all General Meetings of the Club. Premier members may also be afforded additional privileges from time to time where available. This membership requires an annual fee. To join as a Premier Member, click here.

Volunteer Member
For Volunteers in recognition of their time and efforts contributed to the club. For more information about being a Volunteer, click here.

Honorary Member
Bestowed on non-member adults who have rendered notable service to the COC.

Before participating in club events, all members are required to accept our online waiver which is presented as part of the event registration process.

Please refer to the Club’s Bylaws for more information about the rights and privileges of the various membership types.

We strongly encourage that you do not falsify information in the registration process or your membership will be revoked. As required by law, you will need to provide your full name and residential address for the registration. If the information is not provided, your membership request is incomplete and you may not be able to participate in events.

Third Parties
Please note that we will not sell or share your information with any third-party without your expressed consent. All personal information collected is strictly for official club use only.
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