A Premier Membership has benefits:

A Premier Membership affords benefits to those who wish to have a higher level of involvement with the COC.
This membership has an annual fee of $25 and is valid for 12 months from the time it was purchased (not January - December).

To join as a Premier Member, simply send your payment to the Club Treasurer, via the following methods:

1) Online Email Money Transfer (our preferred method of payment):

If your Bank has an Interac email transfer function, you can use it to send the Club Treasurer an email money transfer. Choose a security password and let the Treasurer know what that is. This is a secure system operated by INTERAC.

The Club Treasurer's email address is treasurer@calgaryoutdoorclub.com

2) Snail Mail (this might take a while to get to us):

Calgary Outdoor Club
720 3rd Street NW 
Calgary AB T2N 1N9 

After receiving payment, the Treasurer will notify you and the Membership Coordinator. The Membership Coordinator will update your membership status. This whole process should take less than 2 days to complete. If you have not heard from anyone after 2 days, please contact the Treasurer to inquire about your payment.