COC Coordinator Manual

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Incident Reports

If an incident/accident should occur on one of your trips, you MUST fill out the Incident Report on the event using the Coordinate Past page. Incident reports must be submitted in a timely fashion. COC requests that you strive to submit any incident reports within two days of your event to ensure that:
  1. The details are still fresh in your mind;
  2. The Safety Officer can respond to the incident in a timely fashion.

What Constitutes an Incident?

Anything that is a safety concern, or constitutes something that our Safety Officer would want to know about (i.e., for the purposes of improving our safety policies and procedures). For example:
  1. Attendee health incident (e.g., seizure, heart attack) requiring first aid, trip modification, and/or rescue.
  2. Attendee injury (e.g., bone break) requiring first aid, trip modification, and/or rescue.
  3. Group, or part of group got lost/separated for period of time
  4. Dangerous conditions with no negative impact to your event (e.g., an avalanche occurred in the area but your group was not directly affected)

Reporting an Incident

  1. Go to Coordinate Past
  2. Find your event (should be your most recent one, at the very top)
  3. Click "Incident Report"
  4. Enter and Submit your Incident Report. Our form is very simple and flexible to allow you to easily submit the important details of the incident. You will be asked to provide:
    • Incident overview - what happened
    • Actions taken by yourself and/or others on the event in response to the incident (e.g., first aid administered, trip modification, request rescue)
    • Outcome (e.g., status of injured attendee, any follow-ups required)
    • Safety recommendations (if you have any recommendations to the Safety Officer for changes to our safety policy based on learnings of this incident)
  5. If you want to provide additional documentation or information related to your Incident, please send it in an e-mail to with a subject of "Incident Report, [event name], [event date]".
  6. The Safety Officer will be in touch if they require additional information.

For more information, please contact