COC Coordinator Manual

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Banning Someone From Your Events

We are all volunteers, and the club relies on us to do what we're doing... and, since we're not doing it for money, we must be doing it for FUN! If you find that there is a club member that you would simply prefer not to deal with, for whatever reason, it is your right as a COC volunteer to ban that person from attending events that you coordinate. We don't want you to stop coordinating because someone is causing you grief and you feel powerless to stop them from coming on your events!

If you feel it is necessary to ban someone from your events, simply notify them in writing(ie. via e-mail) as to your decision, and copy so that the President is aware of the banning (and your reasons). The President may place a notation of the ban on the person's account. This information is only made available to club volunteers and is informational, so people are aware of past issues with a member. Note that banning someone only applies to events that you are coordinating, not events coordinated by someone else that you may decide to attend.

Banning Template:
You may use this template as a guide for drafting an e-mail to someone:

Subject: COC Events Coordinated by **YOUR NAME**


This note is to inform you that, effective immediately, you are banned from attending COC events coordinated by myself.

COC includes a policy that an event coordinator may ban someone from their events with written notice (see here for more information). This policy is to ensure that our volunteers are enjoying the events that they coordinate - we are all volunteers, doing this for fun, and if having an individual on our events removes the fun, it is our right to exclude that individual from our events. This does not affect your ability to attend other events that I also happen to be signed up for - only ones that I am personally coordinating.

The reason why I am banning you from my events is **STATE YOUR REASON**

If you are currently registered for any of my upcoming events, you will be removed from those events.