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Boating Events


This page concerns considerations for human powered boat based COC events, such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting events. It outlines the rules and regulations which must be followed, together with additional resources and information which may help you to plan such events. COC does not allow events involving Class III or higher rapids.

Required Equipment

Each boat must have the following equipment In addition each person must have the following equipment The above Information is provided by Transport Canada. There may be additional requirements needed depending on the type and size of vessel. Please visit the Government of Canada Small Vessel Regulations site should you need more information.

Glenmore Reservoir

City Bylaw items for Glenmore Reservoir require:

Transport Canda Regulations

Paddle Canada have provided a summary of how the small vessel regulations affect event leaders, as outlined below. The full Paddle Canada article can be found here.

In April 2010, Transport Canada changed the Small Vessel Regulations in ways that significantly impacted many instructors, guides, trip leaders, clubs, volunteer leaders and municipalities in Canada.

The biggest change pertains to guided excursions for paddle craft. To Transport Canada, a guide is any paid or unpaid leader of a group of people on the water. The new Small Vessel Regulations states: "a guided excursion means a non-competitive outdoor recreational activity or excursion led by a person in charge of the activity or excursion during which the participants use a human-powered vessel." If you are leading or guiding a trip, teaching a course, or on the water in any type of leadership position (volunteer or paid) you are now classified as being on a guided excursion and thus fall under the new regulations.

A guide, as defined in the regulations, includes instructors, guides, teachers, paddling club volunteers, Boy Scout leaders, Girl Guide leaders, church group leaders, camp staff, outfitters, or any commercial or non-profit organized group on the water. You are not classified as being on a guided excursion if you are on the water with family or close friends where you are not looked upon as the leader, guide or instructor. Please contact Transport Canada directly with any specific questions.

Transport Canada is responsible for transportation policies and programs. It promotes safe, secure, efficient and environmentally-responsible transportation. Transport Canada reports to Parliament and Canadians through the Minister of Transport.

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Further Information

Useful Websites

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Government of Canada Small Vessel Regulations


COC Safety Team

COC is YOUR club. We are always pleased to hear your ideas on how we can improve our safety policies. We are also here to assist if you need advice on any events you wish to post, or if you need any clarification on our safety policies. Please contact the safety team at any time at

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