COC Coordinator Manual

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Staying Current

It is important to the image of the club for our volunteer list to stay current and up-to-date. It reflects poorly on us as a group if we have a huge list of volunteers who do not have any events posted.

On a regular basis, the Volunteer Coordinator will check to see who "appears" to be inactive (ie. hasn't coordinated something recently and has nothing posted for the future) and follow up with them to see if they're interested in continued volunteering with the club. If you don't know if/when you will coordinate events again, we can remove you from the volunteer list (and re-instate you later when you're ready). Volunteers who have been inactive for 12+ months may be removed from the list and will have to be re-instated before they can post their own events again. This will ensure that we don't have a long list of "inactive" volunteers, and will also ensure that volunteers who have back-end access to the website are "current" on our policies and procedures.