COC Coordinator Manual

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Member Notations

COC uses the Member Notation feature of the website to flag issues with members. Having this information on-hand helps us all by letting us be aware of previous issues with members. Adding and updating notations is available to all members of the volunteer team.

As a club volunteer, you would see these appear as a "NOTE" beside their name on your attendee list and waiting list. Please note that:

  1. Anyone coordinating an event will see the "NOTE" link;
  2. Only starred volunteers can click the "NOTE" link to view the notation itself;
  3. Non-starred event coordinators (i.e., in training) will know there's a notation, but won't be able to view it. They may ask the Volunteer Coordinator, or their Mentor for more information.

If you feel that you have had a situation with a member which warrants adding a notation about them, please use the following guidelines:

  1. Use discretion when entering this information onto the website. It is not for personal venting. It is to be used for issues which detract from the enjoyment of other attendees, affect the ability of the event coordinator to do their job, or affect the overall success of the event. For example - safety issues, behavior-related issues, and COVID-19 non-compliance.
  2. Review the notation after a time and remove it if it's no longer current and necessary. If particulars of the notation change ensure they are updated.
When a notation is added or updated, an e-mail notification is sent to the President.

Coordinators are allowed to wait-list or remove a person from an event based on these member notations if they feel that the person's attendance will impact the success of the event. If we continually experience issues with a specific individual, the club executive may decide to take action on that person's membership and/or attendance on events.

Note that the Volunteer Coordinator also uses the Notations to alert you of a Coordinator In Training. When these notations are added, please do whatever you can to help the person in training get their star.