COC Coordinator Manual

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Member Notations

The COC uses a member "notation" feature to give event coordinators a head's up about problems they may experience with certain members. There's nothing worse than being blind-sided by someone that other coordinators have had similar problems with when a simple head's up can help you prepare for how to deal with a situation should one arise.

As an event coordinator, you may see a "NOTE" on a member's account. The notations that you will see include:
- Warnings, Suspensions, loss of Membership
- Bannings (if they're relevant to other coordinators)

If you want to have a notation added to a member account, please e-mail it to

Please note that:
Only starred volunteers can view notations
Non-starred members who are coordinating an event will see that a notation exists but they have to contact the VC for complete information
Only members of the exec team can enter notations.