COC Coordinator Manual

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New Events

Create A Draft Event
- Copying an Existing Event
- Setting up From Scratch
- Splitting Off a Second Group (Same Event)
- Promo Photo
- Multi-Day Events
Events which require a Liquor Licence
Post Event to Calendar
Basic HTML

Create A Draft Event

When you first set up a new event, whether you're copying an existing one, or starting a new one from scratch, the event does not go onto the calendar immediately. You can work on the event details until you're satisfied that everything looks ok, and then post the event to the calendar.

Post Event to Calendar

When you have your event all set up and are satisfied that all the details are accurate (use your "Vw Dtl" link to check everything), you can post your event to the calendar.
  1. Click on the event name in the list to modify it
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Select "Active - Show On Calendar" and whether you want to send notifications to members who have subscribed to receive notifications about that event type.
  4. NOTE that we recommend not posting a weekend event more than a week in advance. We have had a lot of issues in posting events far into the future. Often, you will get a rush of people sign up for the event and then gather an enormous waiting list. As the date of your event draws near, people on the list will pull out at the last minute (ie. when they get the five-day automated reminder, or your two-day reminder e-mail). You must then take people from the waiting list in order, but most of the people who were first on the waiting list have long since forgotten and/or made other plans - the only people who are still genuinely interested are the last ones on the waiting list. This causes a lot of unnecessary admin and grief for you, and results in events going out with considerably less than their posted maximum, which is unfortunate for those at the bottom of the waiting list who would have gone. If you wish to set events up in advance for your own planning purposes, you can do that and keep the event in draft format without posting it until closer to the actual event date.
  5. Return to the COC home page and confirm that the event appears on the calendar
  6. Note that it can take a few hours for all the notifications to go out... this is run behind-the-scenes by a "batch job" that sends only 100 notifications at a time for website performance reasons.

Basic HTML

See the Website User Guide for some instruction in Basic HTML.
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