COC Coordinator Manual

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Training Program

When the COC has surplus funds (from donations and/or sponsorship), some of that surplus may be applied to reimbursing volunteers for relevant training (ie. first aid, outdoor leadership, bear safety, orienteering, etc). Any current member of the volunteer team may apply for training reimbursement - applications are reviewed by a committee headed up by our Training Coordinator.

Policy for Re-Imbursement of Training Expenses Information required from applicant:
Phone #:
Type of training:
Proposed number of Events to be Completed:
Nature of Events to be Completed:

Information to be filled in by Training Coordinator/Committee:
Name of course:
Number of events attended/led:

  1. Applicant fills out required information and emails it to the Training Coordinator.
  2. Training Coordinator reviews application, fills in details, and submits to Training Committee for discussion.
  3. Upon consensus from the Committee, training is either approved or denied.
  4. Approved training requests are sent back to the requesting member.
  5. Member enrolls in course, submits a copy of the invoice indicating total cost to the Training Coordinator.
  6. Upon passing the course, member must provide proof of a passing grade (transcript, printout, certificate, etc.)
  7. Member must then coordinate the promised number of events of the prescribed nature. Each event is noted in the member's training file.
  8. At any time, the member may apply for reimbursement, however, if they have not completed the number of events agreed upon, the amount reimbursed will be prorated accordingly. Once a member has applied for reimbursement, the file will be closed and no future events will be considered for further reimbursement.
If you have any questions about this program, or if you wish to participate in the review committee, please contact our Training Coordinator at