Calgary Outdoor Club - Link Policy

Policy/Process for Adding to Links Page

The COC Links page is a valuable resource for our volunteers and members and helps them in choosing/planning events, and for doing the required research into conditions for ensuring safe/enjoyable activities. It is the COC's desire that the Links page be as easy to use as possible, and for needed items be as easy to find as possible, and to that end, we do not want to add links to this page "just because" (for example, because a particular service provider requested that we add a link).

Section A: Links are added to our page for the following reasons only:
  1. They provide relevant information to help members and volunteers in choosing an activity
  2. They provide relevant information to help volunteers in researching conditions to ensure events are as safe and enjoyable as possible
  3. A link back is required from a service provider who's services the COC has requested
Section B: Links are NOT added to our page in the following situations:
  1. Links back are requested by someone who has added a link to us without our request
  2. Links to COC sponsors - these links are provided on the Partners and Sponsors page
  3. Redundant links or links that interested parties will likely easily find on their own
  4. Links that volunteers or members feel could be useful or interesting but that are deemed to not provide the essential information outlined in Section A above
  5. Links that would provide limited or highly-specialized information relevant to only one or two people or events