Calgary Outdoor Club +More - Waiver

Member Waivers

Calgary Outdoor Club +More has incorporated the Member Waiver into its event registration process. If you would like a pdf copy of our waiver, click here. Members must sign up through the website to attend any COC events.

Guest (including Child) Waivers

Procedure for Volunteers

When a Volunteer creates an event, there is a radio button that enables them to select either "Members and Guests" or "Members Only". If a Volunteer chooses to allow guests, both the Volunteer and members who sign up for the event can bring guests. Volunteers can also specify the total number of guests they want on the event as well has how many guests each member may bring.

As always, the Volunteer running the event reserves the right to refuse any member or guest if he or she feels that their involvement would compromise the safety or quality of their event.

Volunteers are required to collect non-member waivers from guests on the event. The waiver may be found here.

Children waivers may be found here.

After the event, the Volunteer will take a digital photo of the non-member waivers they have collected and e-mail them to and keep the original copy in a safe place. The new non-member waiver is only one page long and has been designed to allow up to 8 guests per waiver to sign up.

Submitted non-member waivers will be verified by the Executive or designate and Volunteers will be informed if there are any problems. Remember, failure to collect non-member waivers from guests risks legal action taken against both the Volunteer and Calgary Outdoor Club +More in the event of an accident.

Volunteers that allow guests on their events, but fail to submit their waivers to will receive a friendly telephone reminder for them to submit it in a timely manner.

Remember, guest functionality is only active on events created after May 10, 2015. If a Volunteer copies an event that was created prior to that date to use as a template, guest functionality will not work.

Procedure for Members

If a Volunteer chooses to allow guests on the event, members may add guests to the event that they have signed up for. This may be done by:

  1. Go to Events > My Upcoming Events.
  2. Under "Guests", click the "(0) Change" link.
  3. At the top of the page is a star and a link titled "Add New Guest". Click this link.
  4. Fill out the information about this guest. The guest's name, age, skill level and emergency contact number is required.
  5. Click the button at the bottom of the page entitled "Save Changes".

Guests must sign the non-member waiver prior to participating in the event.